Top Gaming Computers this Holiday Season

Alienware Area 51

The new Alienware Area-51 is a marvel of engineering, outfitted with the nonstop performance of Intel® Core™ X-series processor family paired with the best from NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX and AMD Radeon graphics cards in NVIDIA SLI or AMD Crossfire. Killer power, awesome graphics and an up to 10-core Intel® Core™ i9 CPU that’s unlocked for overclocking make this machine the ideal platform for serious gamers and pro streamers who require the best.
For more details visit Dell's Alienware Area 51 page.

HP OMEN Desktop PC - 880-160se

Going from average gamer to gaming legend takes power that doesn’t call for reinforcements. The OMEN Desktop is geared with a cutting-edge design, the industry’s latest hardware, and easy upgradability to crush the latest AAA titles, and give you the top-tier performance competition demands. For more details visit HP's OMEN Desktop PC-880-160se page.