Feel the power
Within my soul
Take me under
My control
Taste the smell
Touch the sound
See me through
All around
This is right
That is wrong
I sing this song
Release my fear
Clear my mind
Rest assure
The truth I find

3D Printing Will Forever Change Manufacturing

3D printing is here to stay and will forever change manufacturing. My top 10 thoughts on 3D printing now and in the future.

1. Used on a large scale to print buildings.
2. Print on demand toys, furniture and electronics.
3. Print out food(some people are printing 3d edible candy right now)
4. Print usable replacement parts
5. We will one day download 3d models from Amazon to print at home.
6. Print out bones and prosthetics for the medical field
7. Be able to recycle existing 3d printed items to create new ones.
8. A 3D printer will be able to reproduce itself, pass along to kids
9. Crucial to space travel with the creation of on demand parts
10. 3D printing's progress can be compared to the computer back in 1980's.

Based on the above, I am buying stock in 3D Systems (DDD). They are the largest 3D printing company in the world and have bought many 3D printing related companies in recent years. Based on all their acquisitions, 3D Systems should have the best patent portfolio. I believe Stratasys (SSYS) is the second largest and is also a great company. They have a partnership with HP. I am betting on 3D Systems to lead the way. I also own a little Stratasys stock. This is not a fad! Get in on the action now!

Check them out here:

My Star Wars midquel pitch, Episode IIIA: The Search for Power

After Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, the Empire searches for uranium to power their ultimate weapon, the Death Star. The Emperor puts Darth Vader in charge to search for this rare which is extremely hard to find in their galaxy. Vader's best chance of finding enough uranium is to travel to another galaxy known to have uranium. Using a worm hole, Vader and his fleet set their course to the Milky Way Galaxy, a galaxy light years ahead in time. This would ultimately lead them to an advanced terrestrial planet called Earth. Darth Vader arrives with his fleet on the darkside of Earth's moon. On the moon, they secretly survey Earth to locate all known uranium supply and plan their attack. With no respect to human life, the Empire attacks Earth's top military super powers while hunting down all their enriched uranium. The Rebels get word of their hostile invasion of Earth and are compelled to find out what the Empire's motives are. The Rebels travel through the same worm hole to the Milky Way and try to defend Earth from the Empire. They form an alliance with Earth's leaders and share their technology to help fight off the Empire. This would be known as The Vader Years. Darth Vader's ruling time while his kids Luke and Leia are growing up.
Who cares what people say and think. It only matters if you think it matters. And yes, there are more important things in the world but why not have a little fun along the way. Enjoy the ride!

Klicky has found its new home with Google

After a long search, I have found a new affordable home for me... Klicky. I tried out several different softwares and website builders including VBulletin, Site Builder and Wapple to name a few. Google's Blogger came out the winner. No costs, great network infrastructure, easy to use and great tools. Having 2 little girls really puts a dent in the pocket book and slows everything down. Google is a perfect fit for me. In the coming days and weeks, I will share all my thoughts and opinions on the future, business, technology, politics and everything around the sun. I hope to help someone with their business, find new products and services, see something in a different light or just entertain. Trust me, I am no expert but I do have my own opinions and views on just about everything. But what makes me different than others is that I sound crazy at first but years later my friends and family will laugh and tell me, "Hey Klicky, remember that idea you were talking about years ago? Well... here it is!" I do not have the ability to think outside the box, I am outside the box. My biggest problem is that I always look into the future and rarely focus on the present. I am a self proclaimed inventor, theorist and futurist. This is what I do throughout the day.